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ISOLATOR GLOVE 12" 800 .5mm P/Y Polyu/CSM S9
Supplier Code: 66RH032
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97800 12" PUR/Y CSM .5mm Size 92 Layer (Polyurethane/CSM) Isolator Gauntlet.
Available in a variety of different materials, lengths and port sizes suitable for use in fixed and mobile isolator units.
Made of two different and inseparable layers : Polyurethane and CSM Chlorosulphonated polyethylene (Hypalon)
Polyurethane provides safety against mechanical risks of tear strength, perforation and breaking.
Hypalon provides exceptional chemical resistance to ozone aging and acid and alkali products.

European Standards
EN374-2 - Resistance to penetration by micro-organisms
EN374-3 - Resistance to chemical hazards (permeation)
EN388 - Resistance to Mechanical Hazards
Commonly used in:
Chemical Manufacture and Use
Laboratory and Pharmaceutical
Glove Product Codes
Ancillary Products Available



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