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Ripper & Gutster tools compromise an extensive range of wrecking and crow bars ideal for demolition works. Highly durable, they feature useful nail removals ideal for jobs that involve ripping up floorboards. A must for anyone involved in demolition work or ripping up tiles and floors.

1.2m Gutster Bar with Nail Puller GB01
Supplier Code: 75TGB01
ExVAT €79.95 each
1.2m Gutster Ceiling Bar with Nail Puller GB03
Supplier Code: 75TGB03
ExVAT €73.95 each
1.5m Gutster Bar with Wheels and Nail Puller GB02
Supplier Code: 75TGB02
ExVAT €94.95 each
762mm Baby Gutster Bar with Nail Puller GB04
Supplier Code: 75TGB04
ExVAT €79.95 each
Ripper RB01 LONGHORN - Adjustable head wrecking bar with nail puller
Supplier Code: 75TRRB01
ExVAT €86.99 each
RIPPER RB03 Adjustable head crow bar with non slip handle
Supplier Code: 75TRRB03
ExVAT €33.99 each



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