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EXP-EH-5G/45G-GALV-N FLP & Z 1&2
Supplier Code: 27EXPEH0545
Ex VAT €3,001.50 each

Outdoor Emergency Safety Shower with Eye/Facewash EXP-EH-5G/45G-GALV-N FLP & Z 1&2
Hughes Safety Showers manufacture an Emergency Safety Shower with
* Eye/Facewash Fountain, trace tape heated and pre-insulated.
* Pipework available in Galvanised Mild Steel or Stainless Steel.
* As above but with extra heating - EXP-AH-5G/45G.
* Also available without heating - EXP-EJ-5G/45G.
The shower is operated by a pull handle for ease of use in an emergency. It has a removable self-draining overhead shower nozzle, which is specifically designed for high flow rates in line with ANSI and EU standards.
The eye/facewash has high flow rate aerated diffusers for improved washing action to the eyes, face and hands and the ‘unbreakable’ eye/facewash fountain incorporates an integral lid connected to the water valve for automatic operation when the lid is pulled down. The lid also ensures that the bowl remains clean and free from contamination at all times.
The eye wash diffusers are fitted with fine mesh strainers and an individual flow controller and are designed to give a gentle flow of aerated water.
The shower is pre-insulated with polyurethane foam to provide maximum insulation and has a corrosion resistant polyethylene outer jacket.
NB: Supplied in sections for assembly on site for economical shipping costs.



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