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Alpha Solway AMF-3CV FFP3 Disposable Face Mask, Valved Adjustable Nose Clips
AMF-3CV Alpha Flow disposable respirator protects you from various particulates. The masks are designed to provide a secure comfortable fit plus the series are colour coded ensuring the level of protection required. The large surface area ensures little breathing resistance and an adjustable head-strap adds to the secure fit. A large exhalation valve reduces heat build-up and improves your comfort when wearing for long periods. The respirator is fitted with an activated carbon pre-filter. The valve is low profile so does not hinder your field of vision. The respirator masks are metal free which is suitable for the food industry and they are compatible with various safety eyewear.
* Disposable respirator / mask
*Single use only
*Colour coded identification
*Protection from particulates
*Alpha mesh shell
*Metal free
*Large surface area ensures low breathing resistance
*Pre-formed nose-bridge, requires no adjustment
*CV Pre-filter
*Large exhalation valve
*Low profile valve – does not hinder your area of vision
*Adjustable head strap
*Compatible with various safety eyewear
*Reduces heat build-up
*Excellent performance
* Craft work
* Cutting and casting of metals
* Disposal of toxic waste
* Hospital work
* Iron and steel industry
* Laboratory and disease control
* Battery manufacturing
* Mining
* Pharmaceutical industry
* Textile industry
* Underground and civil engineering
* Woodworking
* Welding
Mesh shell – polypropylene
Outer layer filter – polypropylene
Inner layer filter- polypropylene
Internal media filter – Melt Blown polypropylene
Head strap – Latex free rubber, woven elastic
Head strap adjuster – polypropylene
Exhalation valve – polypropylene, ABS
Valve membrane – Synthetic rubber
CV Pre-filter – Activated carbon leaded polypropylene
EN 149:2001, A1:2009



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